100% Genuine Latigo Leather (Cowhide)

100% Hand-crafted — with my own two hands

100% Custom-made — measured, cut and assembled only when you order!

WRIST STRAPS, NECK STRAPS & SLINGS also Leather and Wrap Colours


Payment is made by funds transfer via ATM or Internet Banking to my bank account. The account number will be emailed to you AFTER your email order has been received.

As these straps are HAND-MADE straps, I only make them when they are ordered. And so I only proceed with making them once I get an email order and after a confirmed payment is made. All orders are mailed out on Wednesday, which makes the last order placed at 5pm on Tuesday. If you miss the boat, you can either wait for the following mail day or pick it up personally from me.  

Postage is by normal SingPost mail. I have no control over the delivery time or and cannot replace a strap if the package gets lost in the mail. If you wish to secure your purchase you may opt for a Registered Article at an additional S$2.50.

My straps now ship to anywhere in the world!  Email to inquire!

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I found that great quality camera straps are difficult to come by and when found they usually cost an arm and a leg! This got me thinking of making my own straps using quality materials for much less. Now available right here in Singapore!

Each specially selected leather strap is imported from the U.S.A. The straps are made from 8/9oz (Cowhide) Latigo leather—weatherproof and waterproof (commonly used as cinches, saddles ties, horse reins and outdoor gear) and is very strong, and yet supple. Perfect for slings and straps!



Or do you actually mean “will my camera fly off the strap and break my heart into a million pieces”? These straps have been put through a rigorous test from tugs to pulls of extreme weight and shock. I even hung my fully-loaded golf bag from a wrist strap and only the split ring began to show some stress. So trust me when I say it’s safe enough for me, it’ll be tough and strong enough for you. I’m sure it’ll even hold your own body weight up if you decide to use it as a safety belt to climb a mountain (but please don’t try doing that!)


Now that you want to get your hands on (or through) one of my quality leather straps, email your order to me stating what you want and a few details about yourself like your contact telephone number so I can get in touch with you quicker. I can have it mailed to you (only local SingPost mail), at no extra charge, or if you’re really excited about using it immediately you can personally collect it from me the moment it’s ready (which is usually within 2 days).


Only available in 1/4” Width Natural Leather Colour:

  1. Bullet  Reg Wrist Strap:  Reg S$28   Wide S$32

  2. Bullet  Neck Strap:  Reg S$40   Wide S$46

  3. Bullet  Sling:  Reg S$40   Wide S$46

Snow White Wrap

Special Edition Straps!

Red O-ring

Natural Leather Colour

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Special Edition
Snow White Wrap
 Keyring Strap

4.5” long, 1/4” width

1” wide keyring

Available in Black, Dark Brown and Natural Leather

(All other leather colour straps with Snow White Wrap add S$5.00)

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Leather Colour :  Brown or Black

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O-ring (on strap) Colour :  Red or Black

Strap Bumper O-ring :  Red or Black, Qty

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