Horizontal Lug-Mount


You can also purchase a pair of standard size o-ring strap bumpers for only S$2

or S$4 for large size (GF1/DSLR, etc)


How long can you go?

As my neck straps are not adjustable, specifying the length you desire is required. On an average, the length of most of my neck straps is 43” long. Just let me know the length of the strap measured from one end to the other end.


The Horizontal Lug-Mount neck strap holds the camera in its traditional horizontal orientation. It’s held by 1/2” split rings and is attached to both lugs on the camera.

There is a choice of 1/4” standard width or 3/8” WIDE black or brown Latigo leather with the same choice of 0.40” (1 mm) diameter waxed heavy duty polyester chord, available in 6 different colours.


Neck Straps:  Horizontal Lug-Mount

black leather with scarlet-red wrap

Horizontal Lug-Mount

1/4” standard   S$34

3/8” WIDE   S$38

Strap Bumper O-ring