These are one of my other favourites too! I personally use it on my Lumix LX3 and it works really well. Just sling it around your neck or across your chest. The sling is the quickest and easiest way to carry your camera and keeps you hands-free!

At 1/4” wide by 4 mm thick Latigo leather, the Sling is flexible and suitable for most point and shoot cameras like my Lumix LX3, range finders or even light-meters. It comes with an attachment option in string or 1/2” split-ring. Also available at 3/8” WIDE Latigo leather.

Available in Black or Brown leather, the string attachment comes with a selection of 6 colours to choose from.

As the sling is not adjustable in length, do measure and let me know your desired length from one end to other end of the strap.


The Sling

This is me with a split-ring sling.

1/2” split-ring


The Sling

1/4” standard   S$34

3/8” WIDE   S$38